I’m Madhavan (Mads) Parthasarthy, a fine art landscape and nature photographer based in New York City. Welcome to my website and for your interest in my work. I specialize in creating unique images of our natural world, framed during the special light of sunrise, sunset, and night.

As an avid outdoor enthusiast, I am passionate about adventure. I regularly travel the globe, photographing rugged mountains, enchanting seascapes, city skylines, and the night sky, and recently published two photo books - one on New England seascapes and the other on New York City.

Storytelling is an art. As an artist, I aim to capture mood and emotion, and communicate that to the viewer. This sets my work apart from other photographers - my goal is to capture both iconic landmarks and exotic faraway locations, using a combination of light, color, and texture in a way that tells a compelling story and "does the scene justice." 

Please feel free to browse the Galleries, and get in touch if anything inspires or interests you. I am also happy to collaborate on any special projects you may have. Looking forward to hearing from you!


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